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Khyber Pass 1'170 m
Pakistan map KKH Karakorum Highway
Pakistan map KKH Karakorum Highway
Pakistan map KKH Karakorum Highway

The Khyber-Pass is situated in the Safed Koh Range of the Hindukush.

It is connecting Peshavar in Pakistan with Jalalabad in Afghanistan and is part of the ancient Silk-Road. The highest point of the Khyber-Pass is situated within Pakistan on a distance of 5 kilometres from to border.


Pakistan 1948, Khyber-Pass Road.
The three stamps are existing with perforation 14:13½, 12, and 13.


The magenta colored Rs. 10 Khyber Pass stamp is existing service overprinted Type II and Type III.

Type II (1948)
Type III
Type III (1953)

In 1948, the magenta colored Rs. 10 Khyber Pass stamp was service overprinted and this overprinting was done with all 3 different perforations.
The overprint is classified as Type II.

In 1953, once again the same stamp was service overprinted, but this time, only perforation 13 was overprinted.
This overprint is classified as Type III.


The Rs. 25 purple stamp of 1948 Khyber pass series was reprinted on watermarked paper (in year 1968) and this stamp was added to definitive series of 1963.


Shakistan Series

Pakistan 1961, Shakistan series.
In 1961, a new definitive series was issued that consisted of 3 stamps (Khyber-Pass Road) with face values 1, 2 and 5 paisa. A mistake was made in these stamps as the name of country 'Pakistan' was written wrongly in Bengali in-script and it read 'Shakistan' instead of Pakistan. This set of 3 stamps is generally called "Shakistan series".


DIE 1 Series
The error was noticed soon and the same series was reprinted again with addition of many different stamps however most of the newly added stamps depicted Shalamar gardens and Mosque gate. The 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 Paisa stamps of this series shows the Khyber Pass Road.
This series is collectively called "DIE 1".

The Khyber Pass stamps of the DIE 1 series are existing;
1 paisa: Type B and B1
3 paisa: Type B and Type C
2, 5, 7 paisa: Type B  only

Type B

Type B1

Type C

Pakistan Khyber Pass stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli issued 1961

Pakistan 1961, DIE 1 series.



DIE 2 Series

Pakistan 1962, DIE 2 series.
Finally another change was made to the same series in 1962 and this time all the stamps came with same design.
This series is collectively called "DIE 2".



Overprinted stamps


In 1963, an overprint of 3 paisa stamp (DIE I) was issued to commemorate 100 years of Public Works Department.
The value was changed to 13 paisa. 


In 1961, the Shakistan series was service overprinted with overprint "TYPE 05".


Pakistan Khyber Pass stamp

In 1961, the redrawn series (DIE 1) was then service overprinted with "TYPE 05".
The 1 paisa stamp is existing Type B and B1.


Pakistan 1963 Die II Khyber Pass stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolliy

Finally in 1963, 'DIE 2' series was also service overprinted with "TYPE 05".



 Pakistan Khyber Pass stationery envelope issued 1971

Pakistan 1971, Stationery envelope.
The Bab-e-Khyber, the Khyber Gate was built in the 1964, at the mouth of the Khyber Pass, where the Jamrud Fort is also located.


Pakistan 2010, Stationery envelope, Bab-e-Khyber.


Pakistan Khyber Pass mountain stamp

Pakistan 2012, Bab-e-Khyber and Safed Koh Range in the background.
The stamp was issued in the series "World Environment Day".


The Bab-e-Khyber monument is also depicted in the following stamp series:
Pakistan 2011, 150 Years Railway in Pakistan
Pakistan 2011, Child Art Competition "Kurrachee 2011"
Pakistan 2012, Child Art Competition "Kurrachee 2012"
Pakistan 2014, One Nation - One Vision

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