Pitcairn Islands
Pacific Ocean
Pitcairn Islands
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The Pitcairn Islands are a group of four islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. They are named after Robert Pitcairn (1752 – 1770?), a midshipman of the Royal Navy.

The island group comprises Pitcairn Island, which covers an area of 4.6 square kilometres. It is the only inhabited island with a population of about 56 peoples. Other islands are the Henderson Island, an unspoiled coral atoll with a rare ecology, which has been a World Heritage Site since 1989 and the tiny Ducie and Oeno islands. The highest point is the Pawala Valley Ridge on Pictairn Island and reaches an elevation of 340 meters.

The Island was formed by a centre of upwelling magma called the Pitcairn hotspot and has a land area of 47 square kilometres and a coastline of 51 km. Its rugged volcanic formation consists of a rocky coastline with cliffs (27%), rolling land with a number of valleys (31%), steep sloping land (34%) and a relatively small area of flat land (8%). 

Pictairn Island was colonized by mutineers of the Bounty (led by Fletscher Christian) in the year 1790. The island was annexed by Great Britain in 1839. In 1902 there were also annexed the uninhabited islands of Henderson, Ducie and Oneo.

There are existing numerous postage stamps, showing Pictairn Islands. This section will only show a small sample of existing stamps.

Pitcairn Islands 1969

Lucie Island
Henderson Island
Oeno Island
Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Islands 1989


Pitcairn Islands 2014, Pitcairn Island
The stamp was issued in the series
"250th Anniversary of the birth of Fletcher Christian".

Pitcairn Island 2015
Interior of Pitcairn
F.W. Beechey (1796 – 1856)

Pitcairn Island 2015
Pitcairn Island with five peaks.
E. Low

Pitcairn Island 2015
Christian's House Pitcairn Island
Conway Shipley (1824 – 1888)

Shipley’s work came from "Sketches in the Pacific, the South Sea Islands", finished around 1848 and published by T. Mclean in the year 1851. It is dated "1824", instead "1848".

Pitcairn Island 2015
Landing in Bounty Bay
F.W. Beechey (1796 – 1856)

Pitcairn Islands 2016, Landscapes.

Down the God from the sea
Rainbow over St Paul's Pool
Sunset over Ship Landing Point
Cliff view towards Bounty Bay
Adamstown from inside Christian's Cave
Tautama toward Aute Valley and Break Em Hip

Pitcairn Islands 2017

The miniaturesheet takes the form of the silhouette of the mountainous Bora Bora island (seen from the north-east) in French Polynesia. The scenery on the postage stamps shows the arrival of the Bounty with the Pitcairn island in the background.


Pitcairn Islands 2017
"250th Anniversary of the first European sighting of Pitcairn Island 1767".




Pitcairn Islands
Pacific Ocean