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La Réunion is one of the overseas départements of France and located about 500 kilometres east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.


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La Réunion 1933
The coat of arms of La Réunion

On the first quarter, the three mountains stand for the virgin islands (one of them is erupting, means Piton de la Fournaise). The Roman number MMM (3,000) recalls the elevation of the highest peaks of the island (Piton des Neiges, 3,069 m; Gros Morne, 2,992 m).

On the second quarter, the ship is the Saint-Alexis, which landed on the island in 1638.

On third quarter, the three yellow fleurs-de-lis on a blue background recalls the island was a royal possession and its former name of Bourbon.

On the fourth quarter, the yellow bees on a red background recall the First Empire.

The escutcheon shows the French Tricolore flag with the white stripe charged with an "RF" (for République Française)

La Réunion 1933, Coat of Arms of La Réunion


France 1964, The Coat of Arms of Saint-Denis
Saint Denis is the administrative capital of the French overseas region and department of La Réunion.

The coat of arms of Saint-Denis is showing an argent galley sailing on waves.

Two palm trees on a island and a chain of three volcanoes, the central volcano is erupting and another mountain chain in the foreground.


La Réunion
La Réunion map
Indian Ocean