Soviet Union
"Natl. Sports Committee Intl. Alpinist Camps — Part I"
Issue date: 5th September 1986
Alpinist Camps Series

Part II
The stamps were issued in sheets of 28 stamps.
The Pik Korschenewskaja stamp is existing in miniaturesheets of 8 stamps as well.

Pik Lenin 7'134 m
(Tajikistan / Kyrgyzstan)

Pik Korschenewskaja 7'105 m

Belukha stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli
Belukha 4'506 m
(Russia / Kazakhstan)

Pik Ismoil Somoni 7'495 m
(formerly known as Pik Kommunism)
(Tajikistan )

Mt. Elbrus

Beschreibung und Bild ohne Rahmen
Beschreibung und Bild ohne Rahmen