"Territories of the Russian Federation V"
Issue date: 10th January 2001
Russian Territories
Russia Komi Republic stamp Pechora river
Republic of Komi
The stamp features a landscape in the upper reaches of the Pechora, the main river of the republic. Above there are patterns and a head of a deer, a work of applied arts (the top of the verge, bronze, 1st - 2nd millenium A.D.).

Russia 2001 Republic of Dagestan stamp
Republic of Dagestan
On the stamp there is a mountaineer with his saddle-horse and mountains in the background. On the left above there are metal works made by national craftsmen from the village Kubachi.

Russia Mt. Elbrus stamp issued 2011
Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria
The stamp features a ravine in the Mt. Elbrus area. On the left there is a monument to 400th anniversary of Kabardino-Balkaria's merging in Russia, (bronze, granite, sandstone, 1957. Sculptors M.F.Listopad, S.O.Makhtin. Architector V.K.Oltarzhevsky), patterns.

Russia 2001 Samara region stamp issued 2001
Samara region
The stamp features chalk mountains near the village Novodyevichiye in the northern part of Samarskaya Luka, a bight of the Volga, which rounds from the east the Zhigulyovskie mountains. On the right there is a monument "A shallop of Samara" in Samara. In the centre of the stamp there is an automobile "Zhiguli" (Volzhsky automobile plant, Tolliatti).

Russia 2001 Chita region stamp
Chita region
The stamp features a valley of the river Ingoda in Zabaikalye. On the left there is a Church of the Decembrists. In the foreground there is a rhododendron - the representative of the Eastern Siberia flora.

source: mapka stamp agenture
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