"Territories of Russian Federation XII"
Issue date: 20th May 2008
Russian Territories
Russia 2008 Krasnoyarsk region stamp
Krasnoyarsk region
Krasnoyarsk region was formed on December, 7th, 1934. Krasnoyarsk region is one of the most provided with natural resources territories of Russia. Natural resources of region are a basis of investment appeal of region and base of its subsequent development. The region is high on the list in the country on a gold mining. Also it is possible to name Krasnoyarsk region a speleological kingdom. Caves here are notable for the record parameters, extraordinary exotic of grottoes, underground lakes and rivers. At the disposal of fans and researchers of wildlife there are 3 state natural sanctuaries, national park and ecology-ethnographic reserve, 22 state natural reserves, 5 preserves (the most known is the preserve "Columns" represented on the stamp). Also the stamp shows the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station and Paraskeva Pjatnitsy's chapel on the Guard Mountain.

Russia 2008 Sverdlovsk region  stamp
Sverdlovsk region
Sverdlovsk region was formed on January, 17th, 1934. The Region of Ural Mountains since Peter I has been considering as a support of military-industrial base of Russia, major compound part of which is the present Sverdlovsk region. More than two and a half centuries it has been remaining the centre of metal mining and metallurgy industry of Russia. The stamp represents landscape of Sverdlovsk region, malachite, and also the Nevjansky inclined tower, which is the unique monument of architecture of the first quarter of the XVIII century. In its chetverik were situated the factory laboratory, archive, exchequer office and prison. In the top part there is an acoustical room where the word told by a low whisper in one corner, is loudly distributed in opposite corner diagonally, and the person standing in the centre of the room, hears nothing. According to the legends, there was a mint in tower vaults where workers by order of Akinfey Demidov secretly minted silver and gold coins. Later the vault together with workers has been flooded. However till now the legend has not received any scientific acknowledgements: vaults and inputs to them are not found. Coins also weren’t revealed though it is proved that in laboratory has been conducted secret fusion of gold and silver.

Russia 2008 Volgograd region stamp
Volgograd region
Volgograd region was formed on January, 10th, 1934. After disintegration of the USSR it became boundary area instead of internal, along its western suburb passes frontier with the Kazakhstan Republic. On territory of the region there are many memorable places connected with the history of the country. The world popularity was won by a monument-ensemble to "Heroes of Stalingrad battle» on Mamaev barrow, crowned with the figure of the Native land-mother which is represented on the stamp and has become the original symbol of the city-hero Volgograd. Also on the stamp is shown the Volga-Don channel, hydroelectric power station.

Russia 2008 Penza region stamp
Penza region
Penza region was formed on February, 4th, 1939. It has the richest historical and cultural heritage. There are about 1500 objects representing historical, art and other cultural value on its territory. Nearby 400 of them consist are on the state books as historical and cultural monuments, 47 have federal (all-Russian) value. The stamp shows the manor of the state memorial estate "Tarhany" which is a pearl of domestic culture and a part of especially valuable objects of a cultural heritage of Russian people; the unique architectural monument of the end of XVIII and the XIX century beginning Troitsk Skanov monastery, and also the crystal vase made at crystal factory «Red giant», whose products are famous till now for high quality and beauty of furnish.

Russia 2008 Yaroslavl region stamp
Yaroslavl region
Yaroslavl region was formed on March, 11th, 1936. It is one of the most economically developed areas of the Central Russia. The leading place in the region economy occupies the industry. The Yaroslavl enterprises are the basic suppliers of automobile, agricultural and aviation tyres in the country. Four cities of Yaroslavl region – Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Rostov Velikiy, Pereslavl-Zalessky enter into the tourist route «the Golden Ring of Russia». The region abounds in rivers, lakes and natural sources. There are more than 2000 rivers and rivulets and all of them relate to the pool of Volga which flows within the region throughout 340 km. Stamp represents the Volga landscape, Rostov Kremlin, and also the tyre, for manufacture of which the Yaroslavl tyre-factory is so famous.

source: mapka stamp agenture


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