Pacific Ocean
Samoa Archipelago
Upolu Island

Upolu is part of the Independent State of Samoa.

Upolu is an island formed by a massive shield volcano, which rises from the seaflor of the Pacific Ocean. Its volcanic central mountain range reaches a maximum elevation of 1’028 m at Mount Fito.

The Upolu Island is the home of several waterfalls, for example:
the Falefa Falls, the Fuipisia Falls, the Sopoaga Falls and the Togitogiga Falls. Samoa 1935 Mount Vaea

Samoa 1935, Mount Vaea (472 m).
Mount Vaea is overlooking Apia, the capital city of Samoa. Samoa 1935 Lanutoo Crater Lake stamp

Samoa 1935, Lanuto'o Crater Lake.
Lake Lanuto'o is a small water-filled crater on one of the peaks in the middle of the Island of Upolu. Samoa 1973 Mount Fito Upolo island stamp

Samoa 1973, Faleolo Airport
From the topographic point of view, the mountain behind is Mt. Tafua (561 m). Tafua Crater is located within the Tafua Peninsula Reserve and well visible from the Faleolo Airport. Samoa 1987 Solosolo Beach Upolu island stamp

Samoa 1984, Solosolo Beach.
The stamp is showing the Solosolo beach (Upolo island) and the about 300 metres high unknown hill in the background.


Samoa 2016.
The stamp shows a panoramic view of Upolo Island from the north with the harbour of Apia Bay.
The stamp was issued in the series "Definitives - Tourism & Culture".