Sierra Leone
Unesco Series
Sierra Leone 1997
"50th Anniversary of Unesco"
Date of Issue: 24 March 1997

The series consists of 6 stamps, 3 miniaturesheets and 2 souvenirsheets.

Town of Kizkhi (Russia)

Durmitor Nationalpark (Montenegro)

City of Nessebar (Bulgaria)

Historic city of Buchara (Uzbekistan)

Monastery of Kiev (Ukraine)

Mountain Walks (Slovakia)

Sierra Leone Unesco series stamp sheet


  1. Area surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
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  2. Monument at Fasil Ghebbyi (Ethiopia)
  3. National Park Monte Ruwenzori (Uganda)
  4. Monument of Nubia at Abu Simbel (Egypt)
  5. Nature Reserve Tsingy of Bemaraha (Madagasgar)
  6. House in Djenné (Mali)
  7. Traditional House cunstruction (Ghana)
  8. Large House in Abomey (Benin) 



  1. Town of Røros (Norway)
  2. City of Warsaw, Warsaw Barbican, (Poland)
  3. Catedral de Nuestra Señora (Luxembourg)
  4. City of Vilnus (Lithuania)
  5. Jelling Runestones (Denmark)
  6. Petäjävesi Old Church (Finland)
  7. Fortress (Sweden)
  8. Cathedral of Bern (Switzerland)




  1. Himeji Castle (Japan)
  2. Himeji Castle (Japan)
  3. Himeji Castle (Japan)
  4. Himeji Castle (Japan)
  5. Himeji Castle (Japan)


Acropolis of Athens (Greece)


National Bird Sanctuary, Djud (Senegal) stamp issued by Sierra Leone.

National Bird Sanctuary, Djud (Senegal).



Sierra Leone