Mount Mahavscek 2'008 m and Mount Tolminski Kuk 2'085 m

Soča Valley

Tolminski Kuk with 2'085 metres is the highest mountain of South Bohinj Range.

Other important peaks of the Bohinj Range are: Lajnar 1'549 m, Možic 1'602 m, Kobla 1'498 m, Crna prst 1'844 m, Raskovec 1'967 m, Rodica 1'966 m, Shija 1'880 m, Vogel 1'922 m, Vrh nad Shkrbino 2'054 m, Podrta gora 2'061 m, Tolminski Kuk 2'085 m, Mahavshchek 2'008 m and Bogatin 1'977m. Hotaka stamp 1949

Slowenja 2011, Mount Mahavscek (left) and Mount Tolimski Kuk (right) and Javorca memorial church in foreground.

The Javorca memorial church was erected by the Austro-Hungarian army in memory of soldiers, who lost their lives in this part of Krn group during the World War I.