Veliko Spicje 2'398 m

Veliko Spicje is a 2'398 m high mountain situated southwest of Triglav in the Dolina Triglavskih, a rocky valley, also known as Triglav Seven Lakes Valley.

It is above the tree line and is geologically alpine karst - therefore it is also called the Sea of Stone.

The Dolina Triglavskih is an Alpine valley situated between Bohinj and Trenta, with lakes that were formed in watertight sediment depressions at the mighty fault line of the Slatna plate. It is approximately 8 km long.

Despite the valley sometimes being referred to as the Seven Lakes Valley, some of the lakes more resemble pools of water. There have been many discussions about the number of lakes and pools in the Valley; since some of them dry out repeatedly, we therefore do not consider them to be lakes. 'Seven' is the number referred to most often, and this is a convenient number which stems from folk tradition.


Slovenia 1999, Veliko Spicje seen from Dolina Triglavskih

The stamp was issued in a Miniaturesheet of 8 stamps, printed together with 1 label, showing the valley Dolina Triglavskih (Seven Lakes valley), please see below.


Slovenia 1999, label from the Veliko Spicje stamp sheet.