"Al filo de lo imposible II"
Issue date: 8th November 2006

Three miniaturesheets of six stamps and six illustrations were issued 2005, 2006, 2007 and devoted to the TV programme “Al filo de lo imposible” (on the verge of the impossible). Since the year 1982 the series have been leading teams of mountaineers and other extreme sportsmen during their adventures around the world. More than 150 expeditions and 300 documentaries were shown the public the top of all the 8'000 meters mountains, the North, South Pole and many other exploits.


  1. Mountainbiking on Iberian Peninsula (Spain unknown).
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  6. In the winter of 2004, a team pursued the crossing of the Libyan desert (made by the German Gerhard Rohlfs in 1874 travelling 800 kilometres through the Libyan Desert in Egypt).
  7. Paragliding: In the 90’s the team of Al Filo de lo Imposible flew over the highest volcanoes on earth, some of them in the Chilean region of Antofagasta, which is depicted in the minisheet (Chile unknown).
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  9. Adventure of navigating around the Iberian Penninsula in kayak.
  10. Rafting on Bio Bio River in Chile.
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  12. The gullies descent combines speleologists and climbing techniques used on Réunion island to film some of the deepest ravines in the world. (La Réunion unknown)