Finsteraarhorn 4'274 m

The Finsteraarhorn is the highest mountain in the Bernese Alps. It is located close to the Schreckhorn, Wetterhorn, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Since 2001 the whole mountain massif and surrounding glaciers have been part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site.


Ernen Fürstenhaus stamp Finseraarhorn

Switzerland 1949. Valais.
The stamp shows the old Fürstenhaus or Kreyghaus in Ernen (canton Valais), built of massive larch wood by Johannes Kreyg in the year 1677. The background represents a point of view against the Fiescher valley with the Finsteraarhorn.

The village Ernen is regarded as one of the Valais's most beautiful villages with many 16t-18th-century houses and a Catholic church built 1510-1518.

note: a village view of Ernen is shown on a definitive stamp issued 1973.

Switzerland 1949 Grimsel stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Switzerland 1949, Grimsel
(existing: tête-bêche, tête-bêche with gutter and coil stamp with number)
Bernese Alps and Finsteraarhorn seen from the Lake Oberaar & Lake Grimsel. 

The stamp shows the Lake Grimsel with its two dams and the historic Hotel Grimsel Hospitz, located between the two dams.

From the topographic point of view, the mountain panorama does not correspond with the real view. The three summits at the left are visible from the Lake Oberaar and the mountains at the right are visible from Lake Grimsel.
The Lake Oberaar is situated about 3 km in the south of Lake Grimsel.


Switzerland 1949 Finsteraarhorn stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Switzerland 1949, Benchmark Finsteraarhorn.
The stamp looks identic to a historic picture of the famous Swiss aviation pioneer Walter Mittelholzer.
It shows an areal view of the Bernese alps (picture taken above Grindelwald) 

Switzerland 1966, Finsteraarhorn.
The peak in the background left is the Studerhorn 3'634 m. 


Switzerland 1991, 800 Years Anniversary City Bern.

The stamp depicts a stilyzed view of the skyline of Bern with the Federal Palace of Switzerland at the left and the Bern Minster. The four mountains in the background represent the Finsteraarhorn (left) and the summits Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Switzerland 2013, "150 Years of Swiss Alpine Club".

The miniaturesheet is an artists composition of different elements.

The background is showing an areal view from the Lötschen Valley towards Lötschenlücke and major peaks of the Bernese Alps with its highest summit, the Finsteraarhorn at 4'274 m. Part of the miniaturesheet are four historic pictures (black-white) of the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern. The old picture at the top-right was taken by Robert Schönbächler and is showing the SAC Leutschachhütte, before the hut was renovated.

The building on the 1.90 value stamp (bottom) is an artists composition and symbolizes the 152 mountain huts (2013) of the Swiss Alpine Club.