Niesen Range 2'362 m
Niesen Range Swiss Soldier stamps

The Mt. Niesen (2'362 m) is the northernmost summit of the Niesen Range in the Bernese Oberland. The range stretches for about 20 kilometres in north-south direction and is named after the Mt. Niesen.

Other summits of the Niesen Range are known as: Fromberghorn (2'339 m), Drunengalm (2'408 m), Standhorn (2'339 m), Steinschlaghorn (2'321 m), Tschipparällehorn (2'398 m), Mäggisserenhorn (2'348 m), Schmelihorn (2'312 m), Hohniesen (also known as Riedbündihorn 2'454 m), Wyssi Flue (2'472 m), Linterhorn (2'325 m), Ladholzhorn (2'487 m), Winterhorn (2'661 m) and the Albristhorn (2'763 m). 

The summit of Mt. Niesen can be reached by a funicular from Mülenen. 

The 26th August 1906 was the first day of work on the construction of the funicular railway to Mt. Niesen summit. Since 15th July 1910 the two sections of the funicular have been operating between the valley station in Mülenen (693 m) and the terminus station (2'336 m) on Mt. Niesen, high above the Lake of Thun. It is a unique funicular, covering 3'506 metres (2'118 and 1'388) and climbing over 1'600 metres. The gradient on the steepest section is an impressive 68 percent. From its summit there is a splendid panoramic view over major peaks of the Bernese Alps.


Panoramic view from Mt. Niesen.
A 240 degree panorama from Mt. Niesen with more than 100 identified peaks you can see here.

 Switzerland 1998 Reutigen Mount Niesen Bernese Alps stamp timbreBriefmarke francobolli

Switzerland 1998, Landscape near Reutigen.
Painting by Jean-Frédéric Schnyder.
The viewpoint of the paiting is just north of the village Reutigen. It shows a view towards Mt. Niesen and other summits of the Bernese Alps.
 The stamp was issued in the series "Views of Switzerland".


Switzerland 2010 Niesen stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Switzerland 2010, "Centenary of the Niesen Funicular".
The white mountain peak in the background is the massif of the Schreckhorn (4'078 m) and Lauteraarhorn (4'072 m).
(more details and a better image you can see here)


Niesen Range stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Switzerland 2013, "100 Years Lötschberg Railway (BLS)".
An RABe 535 over the Kander-Viaduct (Frutigen) and summits of the Niesen Range in the background.



Liechtenstein 2018, Niesen Funicular.
The stamp was issued in the series "Collection Sheet 9".


Switzerland 2018
Ferdinand Hodler 1853¬1918
Lake Thun, Symmetric Reflection”.
Mount Niesen at the left.