Rhine Falls
Rhine Falls on postmarks

The Rhine Falls (height: 23 m, width 150 m) are located near the city of Schaffhausen, between the villages Neuhausen am Rheinfall and Laufen-Uhwiesen.

The average flow rate amount in summer are 700 cubic metre per second.  Apart from the Dettifoss Falls in Iceland (double in height, but only half of the quantity of water), the Rhine Fall is known as the biggest waterfall in Europe. The Sarpefossen in Norway is sometimes also known, to be the biggest waterfall in Europe. However its water is used by two powerplants and it does not look anymore like a natural waterfall as the Dettifoss and the Rhine Falls.

The falls are divided by several hard rocks and are a set of three falls which are called, the Schaffhauser Falls, the Mühle Falls and the Zürcher Falls. The borderline of the two cantons of Zurich on the left riverside and Schaffhausen on the right riverside runs through the midst of the river and the falls. It is possible to take a boat trip to the famous rock "Rheinfallfelsen" in the middle of the falls with a short walk to the top.

A view from the rock "Rheinfallfelsen" in the middle of the Rhine Falls.
(more panoramas of the Rhine Falls you can see here)


www.mountainstamp.com Rhine Falls Rhinefall Rheinfall stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli 1934

Switzerland 1934, Rhine Falls.

The background is showing the Rhinefalls-Railroad-Bridge "Rheinfallbrücke", which is 177 metres long. The arch bridge connects the villages Laufen-Uhwiesen and Neuhausen am Rheinfall. 


www.mountainstamp.com Rhine Falls stamp Rheinfalls Rhinefalls 1936 1948

Switzerland 1936 / 1948, Rhine Falls.

The 1936 issue is existing with two different gums. Both issues are existing as coil stamp* as well. 

* In the coil rolls, the back of every fifth stamp had a control number printed on it. These control numbers were printed on top of the gum, so there is no way to tell used coil stamps, that have been soaked off envelopes, apart from the sheet stamps.


Switzerland Rheinfall Briefmarke Rhina Falls stamp

Switzerland 2015, Rhine Falls.
The Rhine Falls with Worth Castle (left) and Laufen Castle (right).