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Rigi massif 1'798 m

The Rigi massif is located at the northern shore of the lake of Lucerne.

Its highest peak is Rigi-Kulm at 1'798 metres. Other peaks of the Rigi massif are: Gersauerstock 1'451 m, Dossen 1'658 m, Rigi Rotstock 1'750 m and Rigi-Hochflue 1'698 m. 

The top of Rigi-Kulm is connected by two rack railways from the villages Arth-Goldau and Vitznau, operated by the Rigi Bahnen. The Vitznau-Rigi rack railway started operating in May 21, 1871. In June 4, 1875 the Arth-Rigi rack railway started as well allowing the access from the other side of the mountain. The Vitznau-Rigi rack railway was the first mountain rack railway in Europe and the second of the world. The very first is the rack railway on Mt. Washington, USA (Inauguration in July 3, 1869). The Rigi is also known as “the Queen of the Mountains”, for its breathaking panoramic view over the Swiss Alps.

Panorama Rigi Kulm
Part of the panoramic view from Rigi Kulm.
A 180 degree panorama from Rigi Kulm with 200 identified peaks you can see here.


Guinea Bissau 1984
Locomotive H 1/2 No. 7 of the Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn.
The Swiss rack railway locomotive, built 1858 from Niklaus Riggenbach for the Vitznau Rigi Bahn.
(The locomotive is today in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne)


Guinea Bissau 1984, H 2/3 of the Vitznau Rigi Railway.
The locomotive was built between 1891 bis 1908 from Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur.


Switzerland 1983 Rigi mountain railway stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Switzerland 1983 H 1/2.
The stamp was issued again in the year 1991 from Dominica as stamp on stamp.  


Switzerland 1991 Rigi mountain railway Pilatus stamp Dominica

Dominica 1991, The Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn over the Schnurtobel-Viaduct.
The background shows Mt. Bürgenstock on the left and Mt. Pilatus in the background.
Stamp on stamp of the Swiss rack railway locomotive stamp, issued Switzerland 1983.


Switzerland 1991 Rigi mountain railway stamp Dominica

Dominica 1991, Arth-Rigi rack railway. 


www.mountainstamp.com 150th Anniversary of Railways in Switzerland Matterhorn Rigi stamp

Niger 1997, "150th anniversary of railways in Switzerland".
At the bottom right is depicted the rack railway (H 1/2 Nr. 7) to Mt. Rigi over the Schnurtobel-Viaduct. 

At the left is depicted the rack railway to the Gornergrat (Bhe 4/8), near Riffelalp trainstation with the Matterhorn. The imprinted postage stamp shows a locomotive Re 4/4 II and at the top right is depicted the RAe TEE II of the Swiss Federal Railways. Part of the illustration are also three old posters of the Gotthard Railway, Simplon-Jura Railway and the Seetal-Railway.


www.mountainstamp.com Gersauerstock Rigi mountain massif stamp Switzerland 2011

Switzerland 2011, "Pro Patria".
In the background the Gersauerstock 1'451 m of the Rigi massif.
The stamp was issued in the series "Pro Patria – Steam Boats".

The Steam boat "Gallia" on lake Lucerne.
(length: 62.85 metres, width: 14.5 metres, passengers: 900, HP: 1080)


Liechtenstein 2018, Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn.
A view towards Bürgenstock and Pilatus.
The stamp was issued in the series "Collection Sheet 9".

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