Säntis 2'502 m
Säntis on Swiss Soldier stamps

The Mt. Säntis in the Alpstein Range is the highest mountain of the Appenzell Alps. Its summit is connected by an aerial tramway from Schwägalp. On its summit there is a 123.55 meter high transmission tower. At a clear day a great panoramic view over the Alps is guaranteed.

Part of a panoramic view from the summit of the Mt. Säntis.
A summit panorama from the Säntis with identified peaks you can see here.

Switzerland 1936/1948, Mt. Säntis seen from the northeast (Seealpsee).
The 1936 issue is existing with two different gums.

Switzerland 1949, aerial tramway to Mt. Säntis.
The first areal tramway from Schwägalp to Mt. Säntis was constructed from 1933 to 1935. 


Switzerland 2013, "Appenzell, 500 years in the Swiss Confederation".
The stamp is showing an Appenzell goat and Appenzell dog in the foreground.
In the background the summit of Mt. Säntis.  


Switzerland 2016 Lake Constance stamp

Switzerland 2016, Lake Constance.
The stamps were issued in the series "Sights of Switzerland".

The Swiss panoramic stamp "Lake Constance" does not depict a real landscape panorama, it is an artists rendition and a compilation based of three landscape photographs taken at different locations of the lake.

The left stamp is titled "Mt. Säntis & Romanshorn", showing the Alpstein Range with its highest summit, the Mt. Säntis. The second stamp is titled "Obersee", it shows in distance the Alpstein Range again and the third stamp is titled "Untersee & Ermatingen" and depicts a view from the lake towards the village Ermatingen.


Switzerland Cable Car to Mount Säntis stamp issued by Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein 2018, aerial tramway to Mt. Säntis.
The stamp was issued in the series "Collection Sheet 9".


Switzerland Seealpsee stamp

Switzerland 2018 , Alpstein.
A view from the Seealpsee (1'151 m/13.6 hectares).
The dominating summit in the middle is known Rossmahd.
The Altmann (2'435 m) to the left and the Säntis (2'502 m) to the right behind.