Swiss Alpine Club

The Swiss Alpine Club was founded at 19th April 1863. The Club is omposed of 111 sections with about 110'000 members (2013).

In the same year the first mountain hut, known as the "Grünhornhütte" (2'448 m) was constructed, but it has been closed since 2011. The Grünhornhütte is situated at the east face of the Mt. Tödi in the Glarus Alps and is actually a museum. 

In the year 2013 the Swiss Alpine Club and its sections operate with 152 huts and with some 9'200 beds in the Swiss Alps.


mountainstamp.com 100 years Swiss Alpine Club stamp 1963

Switzerland 1963, "100 Years of Swiss Alpine Club".


mountainstamp.com  50 years Swiss Woman Alpine Club stamp 1968

Switzerland 1968, "50 Years of Swiss Woman Alpine Club". 


The Swiss Women Alpine Club was founded 1918. In the year 1980 the two Alpine Clubs joined. Before women were not allowed in the Swiss Alpine Club.

Switzerland 2013, "150 Years of Swiss Alpine Club".

The miniaturesheet is an artists composition of different elements. 

The background is showing an areal view from the Lötschen Valley towards Lötschenlücke (Intschi / Urneralps) and major peaks of the Bernese Alps with its highest summit, the Finsteraarhorn at 4'274 m. Part of the miniaturesheet are four historic pictures (black-white) of the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern. The old picture at the top-right was taken by Robert Schönbächler and is showing the SAC Leutschachhütte, before the hut was renovated.

The building on the 1.90 value stamp (bottom) is an artists composition and symbolizes the 152 mountain huts (2013) of the Swiss Alpine Club. 

Many thanks to Fredy Trümpi (designer of this miniaturesheet) for the detailed information.