Swiss Post International
Tourist stamps

Swiss Post International was founded in 1996.

Beginning in the summer of 1996 Swiss Post International ("SPI"), the international arm of the Swiss postal service inaugurated a mail dispatch system in Italy geared to tourists and others desiring to send postcards anywhere outside Italy.

For tourist postcards, self-adhesive labels indicating prepayment with the inscription "P.P." (having similar characteristics to postage stamps but no stated denomination) were sold in booklets of 8 for 8,000 lire. SPI established over 100 collection points in 10 cities in Italy where the booklets were sold and where postcards could be dropped off. The five labels for Italy (1996/1998) were sold in philatelic offices in Switzerland as well.

Mail thus posted does not entered the Italian Post system at any point. SPI representatives made pickups and the postcards were privately couriered to Chiasso in Switzerland where they were entered into the normal mail stream, however, without the benefit of cancellations.

This first five labels are listed in the Swiss stamp catalogues Zumstein and SBHV.


Swiss Post International 1996, (Italy).
Self-adhesive vignette for international postcards, used in Italy from Swiss Post International for tourist mail.


Swiss Post International 1998 (Italy).
The images are showing: Venice, Rome, Naples (Vesuvius volcano) and Milan.



Numerous such labels ore Prepaid ticket are existing from 2011 - 2013, which were sold in Italy and Spain.
(not listed in the Swiss stamp catalogues Zumstein and SBHV)


Swiss Post International 2011 for Alicante
(Rock of Alicante) Spain.


Swiss Post International 2012 for Teneriffe (Spain).
Two of the labels are showing the Mount Teide.


Swiss Post International 2012 for Lanzarote (Spain).


Swiss Post International 2012 (Spain).
Such postcards with such labels of Swiss Post International are known from Lanzerote Island.
The image shows a crater in the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, Lanzarote.


Swiss Post International, Spain (year ? contact).
Montaña de Tindaya (401 m) on the island of Fuerteventura.


Swiss Post International, Spain <2017 (?) contact).
Roque Nublo on the island of Gran Canaria.


Swiss Post International, Spain (year ? contact).
Volcan del Cuervo on Lanzarote Island.
(28°59'30.70"N 13°41'31.04"W)