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Madagascar 1987 Gustave Courbet Le chalet dans la montagne

Madagascar 1987
Painting by Gustave Courbet
Le chalet dans la montagne, Suisse (Tour-de-Peilz, Vevey) vers 1874, 33 × 49 cm, oil on canvas.
Pouchkine State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.

wanderingvertexes.blogspot.fr reads, the painting shows the Grand Golliat (3'238 m) at Swiss-Italian border. 
Gustave Courbet lived in exile in Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland from 1873 until his death.
(Grand Golliat is not visible from Tour-de-Peilz).


Cisalpino stamp Milano   Genava

Gambia 2001, Cisalpino.
Milano - Geneva.


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