Mt. Ararat 5'137 m

The Mt. Ararat is at 5'137 m a dormant volcanic massif and the highest mountain in Turkey. It is situated in the Eastern Anatolia Region, close to the border to Iran and Armenia. For Christians it is believed to be the final resting place for Noah’s Ark. It is situated about 40 kilometres in the south of Armenians capital city of Yerevan (average height of 990 m). Since ancient times, Mt. Ararat has been revered by the Armenians as their spiritual home and as the home of the gods of the Armenian pantheon. The Mt. Ararat has two summits, known as the Greater Ararat (5'137 m) and the Lesser Ararat (3'896 m).

First Ascent: 1829 by Friedrich Parrot (Baltic German) and Khachatur Abovian (Armenian).

Mt. Ararat stamps, issued by Turkey

Mt. Ararat
issued by Armenia
(including Soviet Union)

Mt. Ararat
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mountainstamp.com Ararat Mountain stamp Turkey

Turkey 1982, Mt. Ararat.
The stamp was issued in the series "Mountains of Anatolia".



Turkey 2008 Igdir stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli  Mount Ararat

Turkey 2008, Igdir.Mt. Ararat in the background.




Turkey 2017
Composition of three elements:
Narlıdere Kasrık) Köprüsü (bridge), İhlasiye Medresesi and Lake Van & Mt Ararat.

The stamp was issued in the series "Our cultural Preperties – Bitlis".