Cappadocian landscape
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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The unique landscape around Göreme in the Cappadocia region is situated in eastern Anatolia. The relief of the landscape consists of a high plateau of about 1'000 m in altitude which is dominated by high volcanoes, of which the Erciyes Dagi (3'917 m) is the highest.

The surrealistic geological formation of this landscape started during the period, when the volcanoes Acigöl-Nevsehir (1'689 m), Erciyes Dagi (3'917 m) and Hasan Dagi (3'268 m) began to erupt frequently. The deposits of volcanoes ash, lava and basalt laid the foundations for today's landscape. Earthquakes and ongoing effects of erosion have contributed to form the strange valleys and the "fairy chimneys", which can be seen today.


www.mountainstamp.com Ürgüp Cappadocia stamp 1952

Turkey 1952, Cappadocian landscape near Ürgüp. 

www.mountainstamp.com Göreme Cappadocia stamp 1959

Turkey 1959, Göreme (Cappadocia). 


www.mountainstamp.com Göreme Cappadocia stamp 1977

Turkey 1977, Cappadocian landscape.


www.mountainstamp.com Göreme Cappadocia stamp 1984

Turkey 1984, rock-cut houses and temples of Göreme (Cappadocia).


www.mountainstamp.com Nevsehir Cappadocia stamp 1984

Turkey 2012, Cappadocian landscapes.
Göreme and Zelve.


www.mountainstamp.com Cappadocia stamp 2012

Turkey 2012, "Cept".
Artists composition, the Cappadocian architecture is part of.
Other parts of the image show Lake Abent, Çifte Minareli Medrese (monument in the city of Erzurum), Paragliding, Skiing on Mt. Uludag and the summit ridge of Mt. Erciyes.


Turkey 2014, Cultural Assets.
Artists compositions, the Cappadocian landscape is part of.


Turkey 2016 Cappadocia stamp

Turkey 2016, Nevsehir Province.
Artists composition, Cappadocian landscapes.
The stamp was issued in the series "Tourism".