Mount Rainier 4'392 m

The Mount Rainier is a volcano located 54 miles southeast of Seattle, in the U.S. state of Washington.

Its summit elevation is 4'392 metres. The Mount St. Helens is in a distance of about 120 km in the northeast.

First Ascent: 1870 by Hazard Stevens and P. B. Van Trump (USA). Mt. Rainier mountain stamp 1934

USA 1934, Mount Rainier, seen from the Mirror Lake.
(The stamp is existing perforated and imperforated)
The imperforated stamps (without gum) are known as the "Farley's Follies" and the "Farley Special Printings of 1935".

Imperforated stamps issued by Postmaster General Farley as imperforate sheets for the benefit of President Roosevelt's political croonies "Farley's Follies", the issue was made available to the general collecting public following a congressional outcry and accompanying oversite investigations "Farley Special Printings of 1935". All were issued without gum and were on sale only at the Philatelic Agency in Washington, D.C. from March 15 through June 15, 1935. The set can be distinguished from the National Parks Issue of 1934 as all were issued imperforate, but otherwise from the same plates.


USA 1934, souvenirsheet (with gum) of 6 stamps.

The souvenirsheet of 6 stamps was authorized on behalf of the annual convention of the American Philatelic Society, held at Atlantic City, N.J., August 28 to September I, 1934. The sheet is printed in purple ink without perforations, but with the usual gumming. Sheets of this design were printed on the stamp press operated at the convention exhibition by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. In the narrow margin on the four sides of the sheet in small Gothic lettering is the following wording: "Printed by the Treasury Department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, under authority of James A¬Farley, Postmaster General, in compliment to the American Philatelic Society for its convention and exhibition, Atlantic City, N.J., August 1934." This special sheet of stamps was first placed on sale August 28, 1934, at the branch Philatelic Agency, Atlantic City, which was operated in connection with the convention. This souvenir sheet was not issued to post masters but it was made available for sale to collectors at the Philatelic Agency of the Department, beginning September 4, 1934. Mount Rainier Mountain USA 1953

USA 1953, Mount Rainier. Mount Rainier Mountain USA 1989

USA 1989, Mount Rainier (Reflection Lake). Mount Rainier stationary postalcard USA 1999

USA 1999, postal card. Mount Rainier souvenirsheet Tanzania 1999

Tanzania 1999, Mount Rainier. Mount Rainier Mountain Liberia 2001

Liberia 2001, Mount Rainier and the White House in Washington.
The stamp was issued in the series " A Philatelic Tour of The World". Mount Rainier Mountain USA 2002

USA 2002, Mount Rainier in the background.
The stamps were issued in the series "Greetings". Mount Rainier Mountain Guyana 2002

Guyana 2002, Mt. Rainier.
The stamp was issued in the miniaturesheet "The International Year of Mountains". Mount Rainier Mountain USA 2006

USA 2006, Mount Rainier in the background. Mount Rainier Mountain Antigua & Barbuda 2006

Antigua & Barbuda 2006, Mount Rainer.


Guinea 2007, .
The illustration of the souvenirsheet is showing an inverted view of Mt. Rainier.




Lesotho issued in the year 2002 a miniaturesheet "International Year of Mountain" with the incorrect inscription "Mount Rainier (USA)". But the miniaturesheet shows the Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland.