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Mount Rainier 4'392 m
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark

The Mount Rainier is a volcano located 54 miles southeast of the city Seattle. Its summit elevation is 4'392 metres.


USA 1934, Mount Rainier, seen from Mirror Lake.

The imperforated stamps were issued without gum.
The stamp was issued in the series "National Parks".

USA 1934, souvenirsheet (with gum) of 6 stamps. 

The souvenirsheet of 6 stamps was authorized on behalf of the annual convention of the American Philatelic Society, held at Atlantic City, N.J., August 28 to September I, 1934. The sheet is printed in purple ink without perforations, but with the usual gumming.  Mount Rainier Mountain USA 1953

USA 1953, Washington Territory 1853-1953.
The stamp shows Mount Rainier above Puget Sound. Mount Rainier Mountain USA 1989

USA 1989, Mount Rainier.
It seems to be a view from Tipsoo Lake at Chinook Pass. Mount Rainier stationary postalcard USA 1999

USA 1999, 1899-1999 Mount Rainier National Park.  Mount Rainier souvenirsheet Tanzania 1999

Tanzania 1999, ufo's The Arnold Sighting, 1947.
Mount Rainier.  


USA Mount Rainier stamp White House issued by Liberia 2001

Liberia 2001, Mount Rainier and the White House in Washington.
The stamp was issued in the series "A Philatelic Tour of The World". 


USA 2002, Mount Rainier in the background.
The stamps were issued in the series "Greetings". Mount Rainier Mountain Guyana 2002

Guyana 2002, Mount Rainier.
The stamp was issued in the series "International Year of Mountains". Mount Rainier Mountain USA 2006

USA 2006
The Mount Rainier in the background.  Mount Rainier Mountain Antigua & Barbuda 2006

Antigua & Barbuda 2006, Mount Rainer National Park. 


USA 2016 Mount Rainier Nationa Park stamp

USA 2016, Mount Rainier National Park.
The stamp was issued in the series "National Park Service’s Centennial".


The illustration of a miniaturesheet "Pinguins" issued by Guinea Bissau 2009 is showing an inverted view of Mt. Rainier.

Lesotho issued in the year 2002 a miniaturesheet "International Year of Mountain" with the incorrect inscription "Mount Rainier (USA)". But the miniaturesheet shows the Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland, not Mount Rainier.



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