"National Parks"
Issue date: 1934 - 1937

The series of 10 postage stamps are existing perforated/gummed and imperforated/without gum. The imperforated stamps are also known as Farley's Follies. The Glacier National Park and Yosemite National Park stamps are also existing imperforated/gummed in miniaturesheet of 6 stamps. The Great Smoky Mountains stamp was reissued in 1937 as souvenirsheet imperforated/gummed and blue/green.

Farley's Follies, wikipedia reads:

James Farley (Postmaster General simultaneously under the first two administrations of President Franklin D. Roosevelt) is remembered among stamp collectors for two things. One is a series of souvenir sheets that were issued at commemorative events and which bore his name as the authorizer. The other are twenty stamps known as "Farley's Follies". These were preprints, mostly imperforated and ungummed, of stamps of the period, that Farley bought at face value out of his own pocket and gave to President Roosevelt and Interior Secretary Harold Ickes, both collectors, as well to members of his family and special friends of the Administration. (Farley himself did not collect stamps.) Unfortunately, some of these reached the market, offered at the high prices commanded by rarities. When ordinary stamp collectors learned of this, they lodged strenuous protests, newspaper editorials leveled charges of corruption and a heated Congressional investigation ensued. Finally, in 1935 many more stamps of these unfinished stamps were produced and made generally available to collectors at their face value.

Today the souvenir sheets and single cutout reprints are not scarce. The original sheets were autographed to distinguish them from the reprints, and fifteen of them were displayed in an exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum in June 2009.
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For more details please read Farley's Follies (wikipedia).
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Date of Issue 16.7.1934
Yosemite National Park

Date of Issue 30.7.1934
Old-Faithful-Geyser in
Yellowstone National Park

Date of Issue 18.9.1934
Great White Throne in
Zion National Park

Date of Issue 8.10.1934
Great Smoky Mountains
National Park

Date of Issue 24.7.1934
Grand Canyon National Park

Date of Issue 3.8.1934
Mount Rainier National Park

Date of Issue 25.9.1934
Mesa Verde National Park

Date of Issue 5.9.1934
Crater Lake National Park

USA 1934 Acadia National Park stamp
Date of Issue 2.10.1934
Great Head im Acadia National Park

Sinopah mountain & Two Medicine Lake Glacier National Park USA stamp issued 1934
Date of Issue 27.8.1934
Sinopah mountain & Two Medicine Lake in
Glacier National Park

Beschreibung und Bild ohne Rahmen
Beschreibung und Bild ohne Rahmen
Date of Issue 28.8.1934, souvenirsheet (with gum) of 6 stamps.
Mount Rainier National Park

  The souvenirsheet of 6 stamps was authorized on behalf of the annual convention of the American Philatelic Society, held at Atlantic City, N.J., August 28 to September I, 1934. The sheet is printed in purple ink without perforations, but with the usual gumming.

Date of Issue 10.10.1934
Yosemite National Park

The Department authorized the printing of a special sheet containing six of the 1-cent Yosemite National Parks stamps as a souvenir of the Trans-Mississippi Philatelic Exposition and Convention held in Omaha, Nebraska., October 8 to 14, 1934. The sheet is gummed but not perforated. It is printed in green ink and with inscription on the four margins.

Date of Issue 26.8.1937
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains stamp was reissued in 1937 as souvenirsheet in imperforated/gummed and blue/green.

It was issued to honor a convention of the Society of Philatelic Americans, held in Asheville, North Carolina. The convention was held from August 26-28, 1937.