Fronalpstock (SZ)
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Switzerland panorama Stoos Fronalpstock Panorama
Panorama from the summit area of Fronalpstock.
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The Fronalpstock (1'922 m) is located at the eastern end of lake Lucerne in the canton of Schwyz. From the summit area there is a splendid view over the lake and the surrounding mountains. The mountain can be reached by a funicular railway or a cable car to Stoos village and then by hike or a chair lift to the summit.

The funicular from Schlattli to the car free village Stoos (opened 1933) is one of the world's steepest funicular. A new funicular on a new track is actually under construction and will be opened december 2017. It will be the steepest funicular in Switzerland and the world steepest two-cabin funicular with a maximum gradient of 110%. (the steepest funicular in the world is that of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains (Australia) with a maximum gradient of 122% but with only one car).